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One of the best excursions that can be made in the region, we will discover the imposing Jesuit Missions of Trinidad Del Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue, UNESCO world heritage sites.

The excursion begins at 8.30 am, directly from your hotel, we travel by private transport in small groups from San Ignacio to the Port of the town of Corpus Cristi, we carry out customs procedures and cross to the city of Bella Vista - Paraguay by boat (Ferry) crossing the majestic Paraná river, from here we will continue traveling on national route 6 for 30 minutes to the city of Trinidad, The Jesuit mission of Trinidad del Paraná is the best preserved Guaraní reduction in Paraguay and the most extensive, It was founded in June 1706, and in 1728 it had a population of 3000 indigenous Guaraní. It was rediscovered about two centuries after its abandonment, declaring a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

It has a main square, meeting place of the town and a Jesuit Museum located in the old sacristy where you can see sculptures and a model of the mission. This reduction has the largest temple built among all those who make up the Jesuit reductions, where the frieze of the musical angels stands out that until the discovery of the musical scores in Moxos (Bolivia) constituted the only antecedent of music in the Jesuit missions . This town is the one that preserves to a greater extent the structure of conformation of the town.

Trinidad is under constant restoration and maintenance work.

After the visit with the local guide, we continue the trip to the city of Jesus.

Here we will visit the Guaraní Jesuit mission of Jesus de Tavarangüé is one of the reductions that are still preserved, among many villages founded by Jesuit missionaries in the framework of their colonization work in South America in the seventeenth century and where the most prominent It is its imposing church, This temple would be a replica of the Church of Loyola, located in Italy. The architectural design of this reduction was in charge of the architect Antonio Forcada, of Spanish origin, who imposed his own style with trilobed arches characteristic of Muslim culture that at that time predominated in Spain.

It was founded in 1685 on the banks of the River Monday by the Jesuit Gerónimo Delfín, although the settlement had to move several times because of the hostility of the Brazilians who attacked and carried them as slaves, until they reached what remains today. It had about 3000 inhabitants by 1750.

The ruins of these religious missions reflect a way of life and education marked by a unique style. It was rediscovered almost two centuries later, declaring a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

After the visit in Jesus, we will travel to the city of Hoenau for lunch in a traditional restaurant in Paraguay where we can taste their typical dishes such as the Paraguayan soup or the Bori Bori.

We return to Argentina, the return is made by crossing the ship again, arriving in San Ignacio at approximately 3:00 p.m.

We also have excursions from Posadas but crossing the International bridge.

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